Little Penguins’ Paradise

Little Penguins' Paradise

The small tribune overlooks the empty beach. As the sun sets, the air becomes cold, and the surroundings are filled with a buzz of anticipation. As the tension mounts, the eyes embrace the deepening gloom. Suddenly, small blackheads appear in the sea. Then another, and another, and a group of little blackheads appear.

Finally, the first brave penguin waddles ashore, looks around with fearful eyes and is suddenly joined by many of his friends. Little Penguins appear and walk en masse towards the beach to their nest in the dunes. These charming, sweet, wild creatures travel miles to find fish for their children. They are heroes that are only 33 cm tall. Watching with awe-filled eyes these unique Little Penguins, formerly called “Fairy Penguins”, offers something otherworldly in watching them go about their daily lives.

It’s possible to see Little Penguins from the ocean stretching from Coffs Harbor to Fremantle but to see the sweet little penguins; it’s better to head to Phillip Island in southern Victoria or Bicheno on Tasmania’s east coast. Both regions offer special tours to ensure the penguins are not disturbed by onlookers on their nightly journeys. Bring a jacket and avoid using flash on your camera.

 Things You Should Know About Australia
 Things You Should Know About Australia

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Did you know?

A Little Penguin dives up to 65 meters to hunt for fish and can stay at sea for weeks. It naps while standing on the water surface and can travel up to 100 km daily as its thick, rich, blue, waterproof plumage keeps its skin completely dry.

How to go?

Qantas and Virgin Blue operate regular daily flights to Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest cities. You can take a bus (V-Line bus or Phillip Island Bus Service) from Melbourne or rent a car. By car, take the South West Highway (M1) to the Cranbourne exit, where you take the South Gippsland Highway (M420). Then, use the Bass Highway (A420) until you reach the Phillip Island Tourist Road (B420).

When to go?

Always dress warmly, however – especially if you’re going between April and September.

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