Australian Coffee: A Palate Journey through the World’s Best

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Coffee culture in Australia offers a unique experience as it hosts one of the largest coffee markets in the world. Selling more than 1 million coffees daily has turned Australians’ passion for coffee into a lifestyle.

Italian Influence and the Art of the Melbournian Barista

Australian coffee took root when Italian immigrants came to the country after World War II and brought coffee machines. The coffee culture has evolved over the years, reaching its peak in cities like Melbourne, hosting world-class baristas.

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Flat White: The Elegance of Australian Coffee

The thing that best represents Australian coffee is Flat White. This drink, which is more like a smoother cappuccino, offers a taste that is, in Vogue’s words, “not as intense as a straight espresso, but not as dairy-free as a latte.” In the words of Todd Plummer, “The classic cappuccino espresso has layers of steamed milk and foam, while a flat white is just a straight shot of espresso. The steamed milk is poured directly into it, and it supports the espresso, not obscuring it.”

However, there is still a debate about its true origin. As a rival in Australia’s coffee industry, New Zealand claims to have invented the flat white. There is a rivalry in this regard as both countries have unique tastes.

Celebrities’ Disappointment in Australia

Starbucks, famous worldwide, could not achieve the expected success in Australia. Australians have remained true to their coffee habits and refuse to choose Starbucks, which has become widespread in other countries.

Starbucks has only 61 stores left across the country. This situation summarises Australia’s will to protect its coffee culture and its perspective on the quality of chain brands.

Australia’s Best

There are over 20 thousand coffee shops across Australia, some of which are world-famous. Here are a few:

Blacklist Coffee Roasters – Subiaco, WA

It is famous for its quality coffees and unique atmosphere.

The Cupping Room – Canberra, ACT

It attracts attention with its quality coffee varieties and carefully selected beans.

Proud Mary – Melbourne, VIC

This place, which is an essential place in Australia’s coffee culture, offers original tastes.

Gordon St Garage – West Perth, WA

It is known for its artistic interior design and delicious coffee.

Room 10 Espresso – Sydney, NSW

It is famous not only for its coffee but also for its delicious snacks.

Barrio Collective Coffee – Canberra, ACT

It is known for its unique coffee blends and sustainable coffee approach.

Higher Ground – Melbourne, VIC

Its large and impressive space attracts attention and differentiates the coffee experience.

Single O – Sydney, NSW

Another unique place known for its handcrafted coffees.

Exchange – Adelaide, SA

Contributing to the local coffee culture, this place offers quality coffee varieties.

Good Day Coffee – Tugun, QLD

It is known for its warm atmosphere and carefully selected coffee varieties.

Becoming a Barista: A Journey in the Art of Coffee

It would not be an exaggeration to say that being a barista is considered a form of art in Australia. Due to the country’s importance to coffee culture, passion, developed taste, and perfectionism are among the musts to become a “Barista”.

If you are a student in Australia, being a barista is not just a job but also a social experience and cultural sharing opportunity. The country’s rich coffee culture offers the chance to interact with locals and other students. Becoming a barista provides an opportunity to step into the world of coffee and get to know Australia’s passion for coffee more closely. In addition, flexible working hours for students and the experience gained in cafes contribute to their personal development and provide economic support.

Australian coffee is not just a beverage; it is a culture, a lifestyle. It has yet to be known whether it will be remembered for 40 years, but a good coffee in Australia promises a palate feast that will be remembered.

Source: Delicious – Best Coffee in Australia

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