Post-Graduation Job Search Strategies in Australia

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We now know that Australia has become a favourite among international students with its world-renowned universities and quality education system. However, the opportunities offered by studying in Australia are more comprehensive than just classes. Students who receive academic education in the country for a certain period are given the right to work after graduation.

During the post-study study period, students can also accumulate the points required to apply for a Residence Permit (PR) and the right to live and work in Australia permanently. This means that taking a step forward in your career by studying in Australia also allows you to settle permanently in this magnificent country.

Thanks to this visa, you can plan your career better and create a wider field of work. It offers an excellent opportunity for those who want to continue working here after studying in Australia.

When we look at the most in-demand job fields after graduation in Australia, sectors such as information technologies, engineering, health services, education, finance and accounting stand out. Job opportunities in these sectors offer vast career opportunities for graduates. So how do you find these jobs?

Individual Applications: Individual applications are critical in the job search process. You can follow potential job opportunities by browsing job postings online and regularly checking companies’ career pages. By keeping your CV and CV up to date, you can apply for suitable job positions. You can also expand your job search network using professional social media platforms like LinkedIn.

School Career Pages: Career services departments of universities in Australia support graduate students in the employment process. You can be informed about internships and job opportunities by regularly checking your school’s career page. You can also communicate with potential employers and get networking opportunities by attending career fairs and events.

People’s Circle: People around you can be an essential resource in the job-finding process. You may access job opportunities through relationships with family members, friends, teachers, or employers. Networking plays a critical role in the job search process. Therefore, expanding your job search network and building professional relationships is essential.

Considering all these factors, you can effectively manage your job search process in Australia. As HUB EDU, we support your job search and career planning. Feel free to contact us to shape your future!

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