Canberra: The Cultural and Capital Atmosphere

Designed as Australia’s planned capital, Canberra stands out on a global scale for this distinction. Hosting various national symbols such as Parliament House, the National Museum, and the Australian War Memorial, this city hosts a range of events reflecting Australia’s history and cultural identity. Surrounded by blue skies and clean air for much of the year, Canberra is also known for its extensive green spaces and bike paths, making it ideal for outdoor activities and family-friendly recreation.

In addition to being the country’s political center, Canberra’s tranquil and orderly atmosphere provides an excellent environment for visitors and residents to relax and enjoy the many cultural treasures the capital of Australia has to offer. Canberra, nestled in the heart of Australia, is one of the rare cities that combines a serene and contemplative lifestyle with a rich cultural experience.

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Where to Eat? Where to Go? What to Do in Canberra?

Social Opportunities

Cultural venues such as museums, art galleries, and theaters open doors to various social activities for students.

Entertainment and Activities

Walking trails along the lake, cycling routes, and city events offer students a relaxing time.

Cultural Values

National monuments, parliamentary buildings, and historical sites form Canberra's cultural heritage.

What to Eat and Drink

  • Kangaroo and Venison: Among Australia's local meats, they are served in various dishes in Canberra.
  • Bush Tucker: Traditional Australian dishes made from local plants and seeds.

Popular Universities

  • Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Canberra

Did you know?

You'll find over 30 exceptional wineries in the city's

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