Dormitory Accommodation

Dormitory Accommodation

Hostels in Australia are often a suitable option for students, travellers and those looking for budget-friendly accommodation. However, dormitory accommodation fees may vary depending on location, facility features, and services. Here is general information about dormitory accommodation in Australia.
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Dormitory Accommodation Conditions

Room Types and Features

Dormitories can often have private rooms, shared rooms, or dormitories. Prices may vary depending on the features offered by the facility. For example, additional services such as a swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, and Wi-Fi access may be included in the price.

Who Can Stay?

Dormitory accommodation is often suitable for students, young travellers, and anyone looking for budget-friendly accommodation. Some residence halls may have age restrictions, so ensuring everyone is ideal for accommodation is essential.


Dormitories near city centres, tourist areas and student centres are generally more popular and in demand. Fees and facilities of dormitories in different cities may vary.

Reservations and Discounts

Booking dorm accommodation in advance can often result in more affordable accommodation. There may be places that offer discounts or promotions for long-term stays.

Common Areas and Social Facilities

Dorms often offer shared kitchens, living areas, and social activities. Such social facilities can make the accommodation experience more enjoyable.

Average Wages

Daily rates for dormitory accommodation generally offer budget-friendly options. Weekly rates can typically range from AUD 280 to AUD 400. Fees may be slightly higher in dormitories in city centres or tourist areas.
Dormitory accommodation can be a suitable option, especially for short-term visits and those looking for budget-friendly accommodation. However, it is essential to compare accommodation options, read reviews and get detailed information before booking.

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