Campus Accommodations

Campus Accommodation (On-Campus)

Campus accommodation in Australia is offered on university campuses or in private residential facilities nearby. While this accommodation option offers several benefits to students, it may involve certain conditions and costs.

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Campus Accommodation Conditions

Student Status

Campus accommodation is generally available to students enrolled in higher education institutions. This may include undergraduate, master's or doctoral students.

Application Period

Applications for campus accommodation are received within a certain period. Application periods may vary between universities, so students need to keep track of application deadlines.

Quota and Priority

Some universities may have a limited number of places in campus accommodation so that applications may be evaluated in order of priority. Early application may provide an advantage to students.

Student Certificate

Students applying for campus accommodation are usually asked to provide a student certificate from the university they are enrolled in.


Campus accommodation fees may vary depending on the university, type of accommodation and room features. On average, campus accommodation in Australia may include a fee paid monthly. This fee may include catering, cleaning, security and other services.

Students can usually choose between single rooms or shared rooms. Single rooms can often have a higher rate. Additionally, prices for rooms with extra features, such as a private bathroom or kitchen, may vary.

Depending on students’ preferences and budgets, campus accommodation can often be slightly more costly than other accommodation options. Still, it offers the advantage of taking advantage of campus facilities and fully experiencing university life.

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