Master Study in Australia

In this article, we aim to guide you on this exciting journey by covering important topics about the process of postgraduate study in Australia. From the application process to costs, scholarships, and career opportunities, we have compiled what you need to know at every stage. This guide to postgraduate study in Australia provides a step-by-step guide to realising your goals. We invite you to get off to a good start and make the most of this unique experience.

A Master’s degree is a postgraduate-level academic programme usually aimed at individuals who have completed their undergraduate studies. This programme aims to give students more in-depth knowledge and expertise in a particular field. Master’s programmes can be with or without a thesis and cover many subjects.

 Things You Should Know About Australia
 Things You Should Know About Australia

Master’s programmes are suitable for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree and wish to further their academic career or area of specialisation. Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree and want to gain further knowledge or specialisation in a particular field can apply for master’s programmes.

Australia is known for being home to universities recognised and respected worldwide. Studying for a master’s degree in Australia offers international students high-quality educational opportunities. Master’s programmes usually last 1.5 to 2 years and aim to provide students with academic and practical skills. This process provides students with cultural experiences and a competitive advantage internationally.

The most important feature distinguishing Australia from many other countries is that after academic education, students are entitled to a residence and work permit for up to 5 years in 2 years after graduation due to current laws. One of the most basic conditions to gain this right is that international students must have attended two years of full-time education or have completed 96 credits in their education.

MBA: Master of Business Administration

MBA programmes are offered in business administration, usually lasting 1.5 to 2 years.

MSC: Master of Science

MSc programmes are offered for students who want to do a master's degree in science, mathematics or engineering.

MA. Master of Arts

MA programmes are available for students seeking a master's degree in social sciences, literature or fine arts.

MPH: Master of Public

MPH programmes are offered for those who wish to specialise in the health field and usually take 1.5 to 2 years.

MEng: Master of Engineering

MEng programmes are available for students specialising in engineering disciplines.

MCom: Master of Commerce

MCom programmes are offered for those who wish to pursue a master's in commerce-oriented fields such as finance, accounting or marketing.

Application Process and Required Documents for Master's Programme in Australia

1. University, Programme and City Selection

You will review the list of universities and programmes provided to you and choose the school and master's programme you would like to study at. If you have any questions, we provide a contact channel where you can always get support.

2. School Application

Seçtiğiniz universiteyi ve programı bildirdikten sonra, başvuru için gerekli belgeleri talep ederiz. Belgelerinizi hazırlayarak başvurunuzu gerçekleştirir ve okula tamamlanmış başvurunuzu iletiriz. After notifying the university and programme of your choice, we request the necessary documents for the application. We will prepare your documents and submit your completed application to the school. The primary application documents can be a bachelor's Degree (Transcript), Academic Achievement, English Language Proficiency Certificate, Application Forms, Financial Status Documents, and Sufficient Study and Research Documents.

3. Programme Acceptance

Your application to the school is reviewed, and an admission decision is made. The admission process may vary depending on programme and school policies.

4. Request for CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) Document

Once you have been accepted, your payment plan will be set up, and you will make your university deposit payments. Then, the school will process the payment, issue the COE (Certificate of Enrollment) document, and send it to you. The COE document is essential since visa applications can only be made with this document.

5. Preparation of Letter of Intent and Visa Documents

While waiting for the CoE document, you are expected to write the letter of intent required for the visa application and collect the other documents. We will guide you at this stage.

6. Document Control and Translation

The documents you send and the letter of intent are checked, and if revisions are requested, you will be asked to make corrections. The documents are translated into English.

7. An Authorised Review

After your counsellor's check, another official will also check your file, and adjustments will be made if necessary.

8. Online Visa Application

We will submit the online visa application once the CoE document and other preparations are completed.

Master's Degree Costs

Education Fee

Annual tuition fees for Master's programmes generally range from AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000. However, these fees will vary depending on your choice of university and programme. You can find more information on the Study Australia website.


Accommodation costs vary according to the type of accommodation the student prefers. Students usually consider accommodation in dormitories, student houses or shared houses.

Living Expenses

Living expenses include daily needs, transport, social activities and other personal expenses. These costs vary depending on personal lifestyle. The Australian government calculates the average cost of living each year based on student expenditures and publishes an updated average. For 2023, the figure used in the visa application calculations, which includes all costs in Australia except for annual study, is AU$24,505—official source: Study in Australia.

Scholarship Opportunities

Government Funded Scholarships

The Australian government also supports some scholarship programmes. These scholarships are usually awarded based on financial need and specific criteria.

Private Organisations and Foundationsve Vakıflar

Many private organisations and foundations offer scholarships to students in various fields. These scholarships are usually for a specific specialisation or profession. Students can check the official website of their preferred university or resources such as Australia Awards for more information about the cost of postgraduate study and scholarship opportunities. They must also follow the scholarship application process carefully before applying.

Universities and Programmes where you can do a Master's Degree

Australia is home to many universities offering a wide range of master’s programmes to international students. Here are some of the universities where you can study for a master’s degree in Australia and their standout (FEATURED) programmes:

This list includes only a few sample universities and programmes. Many universities in Australia have different and unique master’s programmes. The application process and requirements may vary between universities and programmes, so we must look at the details of your preferred university together before applying. You can do your university and programme research in more detail by clicking on the Apply Now button.

Postmaster (POST GRADUATE) Career Opportunities and Job-Finding Processes in Australia

Studying for a master’s degree in Australia means earning an academic degree, shaping your career, and gaining a competitive advantage internationally. You can gain many advantages after returning to Turkey.

Studying for a master’s degree in Australia allows you to gain an international educational experience. This will enable you to increase your ability to cope with cultural diversity, gain a global perspective and interact with the global world. Gain English language proficiency. A good English language proficiency makes many job opportunities in Turkey and internationally more accessible.

The international student network you build during your studies in Australia gives you an advantage in your career. This network allows you to connect with professionals in different sectors and have a system that supports your career. It helps you develop your leadership skills and understand ethical business practices. This can contribute to you taking an influential role in the business world in Turkey.

The international perspective and experience you gain in Australia can increase your chances of working with large international companies in Turkey. These companies usually prefer professionals with cultural diversity and international experience. Depending on your field of study, you can pursue a career in different sectors such as engineering, information technology, business, health, art and design.

Education and experience gained in Australia give you a competitive advantage in international business. This can increase the likelihood of finding a job in Turkey with better positions and higher responsibilities. This qualification also entitles you to higher salary expectations than other professionals in Turkey.

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