Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

The letter of intent written to universities for studying abroad and to consulates for obtaining a visa is a personal statement detailing the reasons for choosing a specific program or country, educational and professional goals, how to achieve these goals, and why that institution or country is the most suitable place to achieve these goals. This letter combines the candidate’s past experiences, achievements, and future plans, explaining how the applied program or visa will contribute to the candidate and how the candidate will add value to the program or community.

 Things You Should Know About Australia
 Things You Should Know About Australia

How Should a Letter of Intent Be Written?

This guide guides you while preparing your letter of intent for your school and visa applications. When writing your letter, express it in a sincere and formal language and in an original way. Remember that the Australian visa system scans for plagiarism with special software; Originality will determine the success of your application. Therefore, you must write in your unique style.

Using clear and concise expressions that comply with the spelling rules will serve the purpose of your letter. Overly complex and long sentences can cause semantic shifts and make the translation process difficult.

If you are confident in English, you may consider writing your letter in that language. Students with good command of English can work with their advisors to further improve their letters. However, we recommend our students who are undecided to use the language in which they can express themselves best.

Besides your letter of intent, form 157A is also an important document. In this form, you are expected to provide complete personal information, dates and details. You can express the details that you cannot include in your letter through this form.

You can also get more information and tips on the subject by watching our informative publication titled ‘How to Prepare a Letter of Intent?’ prepared by our director Simon. This resource will provide different perspectives and practical advice as you prepare your letter.

***Plagiarism is copying text parts from another source without permission or citing the source; combining quotes from different sources and presenting them as your own original work; or it means submitting a work that you have written for someone else as your own writing.

Steps for Writing a Letter of Intent

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