Work Permit While Studying in Australia

Work Permit While Studying in Australia

In this article, we focus on the practical details of working as a student in Australia, covering topics such as which sectors students can find work in, hourly wages and the positive impact of part-time work on their studies. As a guide for students looking for work, this article aims to help them understand the opportunities that working while studying in Australia provides.

When you have a student visa in Australia, you can work for a certain period as part of your studies. This allows you to contribute to the economy and cover your living expenses.

 Things You Should Know About Australia

Which Jobs Can You Work?

Retail Sector
You can work as a sales consultant, cashier, or waiter in stores, shopping centres, or restaurants.

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Service Sector
You can find a job as support staff in sectors such as cleaning, accommodation, and tourism.
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Education Related Jobs
You can work as a teaching or research assistant in your field of study.
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Average Hourly Earnings


Hourly Wage 28.99 AUD$

Food Delivery

Hourly Wage: 31.08 AUD$

Construction Labour

Hourly Wage: 33.70 AUD$

Pet Care

Hourly Wage: 29.39 AUD$

Farm Worker

Hourly Wage: 29.87 AUD$


Hourly Wage: 33.80 AUD$

What are the Conditions for Working Part-Time?

Working Hours and Weekly Limits

In Australia, student visa holders can work 48 hours per fortnight during the study period and full-time outside the study period. Study periods generally cover the period from the beginning to the end of the student's studies.

Working hours during and after training

Work permits for student visa holders are limited to the study period specified at the time of visa application. At the end of this period, students may apply for a work visa following graduation and obtain more extended work rights. This situation may change depending on the current period and the program’s characteristics. Australia, which also allows students to work during their studies, pays the highest hourly wage in the world. Students earn a minimum of 23 AUD$ per hour.

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