Student Residences in Australia

Student Residences

Student housing in Australia is widespread, offering students affordable and comfortable accommodation options. These residences are usually located near university campuses or the city centre. Here is general information about student housing in Australia
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Student Residences Accommodation Conditions

Contract Terms

A contract is usually signed to stay in student residences. The contract period usually covers an academic year or a specific period. Contract terms may vary depending on the housing provider and the student's preferences.

Accommodation Types

Student housing often offers different accommodation options, such as shared, private, or studio apartments. In shared rooms, several students usually stay in the same room, while private rooms offer individual accommodation.

Who Can Stay?

Student housing is generally offered as a priority for all students. Students from different age groups can stay in student residences.

Services and Facilities

Student residences usually provide amenities such as internet access, security, cleaning services, and basic furnishings. Some residences may also offer the opportunity to participate in social activities in common areas.


Student residences are generally located near university campuses or the city centre. Location may affect the distance from the student's educational institution and transportation to other landmarks in the city.

Reservation and Application

Before booking student housing, you must complete the application and provide the necessary documents.

Average Wages

Fees for student housing vary depending on their location, type of accommodation and services provided. It is usually made in weekly or monthly payments. Average rates typically range from 280-310 AUD for shared rooms, 400-455 AUD for private rooms, and 470-840 AUD for studio apartments.

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