Post-Study Work Rights

Post-Study Work Rights

Australia offers students the right to work and reside after their studies, allowing graduates to develop their careers internationally. With the ‘Post Study Work Visa’, students can work in Australia for a certain period after graduation and have the chance to collect the points required for the residence permit (PR) application with the experience they will gain during this period. This way, students can increase their professional skills and participate in Australia’s diverse workforce.
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Areas You Can Work After Graduation

Engineering and Technology

Engineering or computer science graduates can find opportunities in sectors such as technology firms, engineering companies and start-ups.

Business and Finance

Graduates with a degree in business administration, economics or finance can work in banking, accounting, financial analysis and marketing.

Health Sciences

Graduates who receive education in health sciences such as medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy can work in hospitals, clinics and health centres.

Education and Training

Graduates of the Faculty of Education can teach in schools or work in different positions in the education sector.

Art and Design

Those studying fine arts, graphic design or fashion design may find opportunities in advertising agencies, design studios and media companies.

Law and Legal Services

Law students can work in law firms, legal consultancy companies and the public sector.

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